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Lockdown Mummies Need Support

We are a year into the whole COVID-19 chaos and life has changed quite a lot for most of us. Lives have been turned upside down and we've all made changes to accommodate the constantly changes rules and restrictions.

For mums who have had babies in the midst of this, it has been a particularly trying time, leaving many feeling isolated with a total lack of support. Some babies may never have seen a health professional aside from when they have been for their immunisiations. Some parents will be coping perfectly well while others are really struggling! And others are falling apart.

A year ago, a new mum could make regular visits to a weigh-in clinic at their local children's centre or have a home visit from the health visitor to talk through worries and get general tips. They could meet with other new parents at cafes, the park or baby groups and chat about the joys and woes of parenthood. They could have grandparents and friends over to help them through the sleepless times.

But for the last year, they have had to resort to occasional socially distanced walks, with a fine coating of guilt, or Zoom classes! Grandparents have been shut away for fear of "spreading". Friends are held at arms length. Being a lockdown mummy is tough!

Without face-to-face support, the only solution for many is to turn to online forums and Facebook groups where they rely on the experience of potentially HUNDREDS of mums personal experiences. And we all know that when people are hidden behind a screen, their opinions can become fierce and turn battles that move away from the original problem. Totally overwhelming for an already overwhelmed new parent. Sympathy, understanding, acknowledgment are helpful, but they won't solve your problems.

But is there another solution?


Instead of putting the questions onto forums, Facebook or WhatsApp groups, make a list and ask a professional! Parenting coaches, sleep consultants, private midwives. We are all happy to help and most of us will offer an hour of our time to go through general parenting questions and worries. And at least at the end of it you will have a reliable set of answers to your questions, not 30 different things to try, that may or may not make things better or worse.

The Sleep Fairy Team have been working with babies and children for over 25 years. We have way more experience than the majority of the mums ranting online.

Call us on 07977 462252 or email us using the contact form on the main website and we will help.

We can even set up a group Zoom for a small group of mums with similar aged babies to help spread the cost.

1 hour 1-to-1 online session is £125 with 3 follow-up support calls.

1.5 hours group online session with one follow-up call each is £180 for up to six people. Call to book!

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