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Sleeping Baby
Girl Eating a Meal


Whether you’re struggling with weaning or battling terrifying toddlers at mealtimes, our practical advice and smart tactics will help make mealtimes less stressful.

Small changes. Big difference.

We’ve all been there. Every single item of food you have lovingly prepared unceremoniously rejected by a baby who refuses to open its mouth or thrown onto the floor by a screaming toddler. Most children go through a phase of fussy eating, from picking at food on their plate, eating a very limited selection of foods or flat out refusing to eat. Whatever picky eating looks like, it can cause incredible strain on family life. 


A recipe for successful mealtimes

Our approach is to look at the big picture. We visit your home before a meal so we can see your family dynamics. (Behaviour during a meal is often a reflection of behaviour at other times.) During the visit, we give you direction on how to handle different situations, equipping you with a tailored plan that fits into your family routine. We’re there for you with support and advice for the next eight weeks, to help you stick with the plan and achieve success.


Investigating allergies, intolerances and reflux

Many babies and children have complicated dietary needs that often go undiagnosed or unrecognised. Perhaps you suspect allergies or are concerned your baby is suffering from reflux? Around half the little people we see have dairy or other allergies. We support families to live with these and to get a diagnosis, if needed.

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