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Sleeping Baby


Allergies and reflux are common causes of sleep issues. They can also be difficult to diagnose. We can support you on your diagnosis journey and offer advice to help you and your little one get more sleep.

Find the cause. Stop the effect.

As a parent, you often have an instinct that tells you when something is not quite right with your baby or child. You know something going on, but you can’t quite pinpoint it. Symptoms for allergies and reflux range from the subtle to the confusing, which means that your child’s symptoms may not tick the right boxes with your GP.


Common Symptoms

Cow milk protein allergy is a very common allergy in babies. It can affect different parts of the body,
but many reactions are seen in the gut. Here it can cause wind, discomfort, severe pain, frequent
pooing, mucus in poos, constipation, loose poos and vomiting. It can cause rashes on the skin,
frequent waking, or even anaphylaxis.

Assessing Symptoms

Every child is different, so allergy symptoms manifest in a huge range of different ways. We work
with you to discover what could be going on in your child, assessing the big picture as well as the
small details. Although we are not medically trained, we take time to talk to you and watch your
baby in one of our sessions. You can use our observations to help get the right medical advice.

Practical Solutions

We cover all the angles and help you understand how to adjust your diet or your little one's diet. We
can support you to go allergen-free when breastfeeding and work out which kind of milk or formula
is right for your baby. We can also offer guidance on how to reintroduce food.

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