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Training and Mentoring for Sleep Consultants

Are you a Certified Sleep Consultant looking to enhance your knowledge and further your career? We offer one-to-one training sessions to fill in the gaps in your training. We also offer one-to-one or group ongoing mentoring to help you when you come up against tricky clients and little ones who won't follow your plans.

More knowledge. Better results.

"Thank you so much Dee, what a fountain of knowledge you are!" - Kirsty - Certified Sleep Consultant

Have you changed career and trained as a Sleep Consultant since having a baby and using a Certified Sleep Consultant? If you've found this page, you probably have, but now that you're working with your clients, you may be coming across situations that you didn't cover in your training and don't feel fully equipped to deal with.

Gaps in your training

Your training course was a great place to start to build your knowledge but it didn't cover every issue you've come across with your clients. This is because babies and children are complex little creatures and they don't always follow a straightforward path, so it's impossible to put everything you need to know into a sleep consultant training course, particularly if your course was all online with no classroom work.

This is where we can help you. Dee Booth started working with babies and children in 1996, and as a result built up a vast amount of relevant experience before starting to offer help as a parent coach / sleep and behaviour consultant, in 2009, when the term "Certified Sleep Consultant" didn't even exist. Since then she has worked with over 2000 families.

Dee's methods are based on developing a secure attachment between parents and their children. She teaches parents how to interact and bond with their little ones so that they learn how to calm themselves down, in a loving and supporting environment which allows them to fall asleep happily and independently. Following Dee's plans brings long-lasting improvements to sleep and behaviour. And she can teach you do do this too.


Learn from The Expert

Did you know that early-rising is rarely fixed by adjusting naps or an earlier bedtime? It's to do with a baby's circadian rhythm.

Do you focus on wake-windows but find that they don't always work? Getting feed windows right can have a greater impact on how a baby sleeps.

Are you able to explain to a mother exactly why her baby is crying and what her baby is trying to communicate to her? Babies and toddlers need to be heard when they are crying, not shushed as this invalidates their emotions, stopping them from learning to regulate, which will lead to problems later on.

Have you been taught about emotional security and how secure attachment can be affected when there are changes in a baby's life or routine, like starting childcare or going on holiday? This can be the cause of many sleep issues and the solution isn't found in wake windows or bedtime routines.

Do you talk about the 4, 6, 8, 12 month sleep regressions? Age isn't the cause of sleep regressions, they are caused by changes that affect how secure babies and children feel.

Do you recommend controlled crying, CIO, Ferber or RR and find that it only resolves part of a baby or toddler's sleep? That's because it doesn't address, and can even damage, how secure they feel. Before using these methods, it is important to establish how secure a child feels and what impact this kind of training is going to have on them, particularly once they are over 9 months and more aware of their place in the world and their relationship with their parents.

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