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Gemma and Guy from Surrey -  November 2020 - almost 4 year old boy

Sleep and Toilet Training

We contacted Dee to help us resolve sleeping and toilet issues with our youngest son who was 3 years 11 months because we had tried everything and were at our wits end.  He was coming in to our room 2-5 times every night for about ten months and nothing we tried was working and he refused to go back to bed alone. We had also been trying to toilet train him for a year and whilst he had been dry through the night pretty much since we started, we could not get him to poo on the toilet consistently - our success rate was normally once every 3 weeks and we were all exhausted and stressed.

Dee was recommended by friends and did a home visit to talk to my husband and I, meet our son and look at his room. At the end of the visit we had a schedule of what we had to do for sleep and toilet training and we had also made some changes to my son’s room set up whilst Dee was there. The instructions are detailed and you have to follow all of them and in the following weeks, we spoke with Dee regularly and made some small changes. 8 weeks after Dee’s visit my son is fully toilet trained and has not had an accident in weeks and he hasn’t come in to our room for two weeks now and if he does come in which is rare, he goes back alone. He is happier and school have fed this back to us, we are sleeping and a much happier family ! Thanks Dee and would highly recommend!

Matt from Lincolnshire - March 2020 -  7 month and 3 year old girls

Can’t thank Dee enough for her help with our two little girls. Having been through chicken pox, both of them decided to stop sleeping through at night. Safe to say, my wife and I were rapidly losing hope. A timely recommendation from a colleague pointed us towards Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue. Despite being in the Midlands, I was exceptionally pleased to find out that Skype consultations were available. We are now just over a week into our new routines and guidance from Dee - both girls are sleeping through the night again and are happier in general. My wife and I are armed with better guidance on how to deal with temper tantrums and how to encourage the best behaviour from our girls. It was simply amazing to witness the change over such a short time. I am now recommending Sleep Fairy to all my friends who are struggling!

Frankie from Berkshire - February 2020 - 7 month old 

Dee is certainly magic! Because of Dee, her advice, support and sleep plan, our daughter went from having to bed share and only sleeping two hours at the start of the night if we were lucky and usually waking almost hourly to sleeping through until 5am in only a couple of days! And then it wasn't long until she slept through until gone 7am. She was also able to take better and more rested naps which definitely helped her sleep at night. She was able to become a happy and full of life baby and now toddler instead of being over tired all the time. This meant that we got some time together as a couple and time with our 2 year old son too.

I really can't say how grateful I am for Dee and the ongoing support we had was amazing. I am so thankful and pass her number on to everyone who needs sleep!

Kellie from Hertfordshire -  January 2020 -7 month old daughter

Amazing service from Dee and her team. We were having difficulty with my daughters nap schedule and after 4 weeks of support she is now in an amazing pattern. Most definitely recommend. Thank you ladies

Emma from  Berkshire - November 2019 - 8 year old daughter

Dee brings an objective experienced eye to the daily struggles of parenting, and gives practical and sensitive plans to help bring harmony to family life. We have been so thankful to Dee at various ages of our children’s development, from baby sleep problems, toddler tantrums to older children struggling to feel happy and secure. We are so grateful we found Dee

Martha from Surrey – October 2019 – 9 month old son

“After a few months of exhausting, sleepless nights I called Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue and I’m so glad I did!  I was pregnant with our second child and my first’s sleep was getting worse, with dummies, rocking and co – sleeping.  Sarah came round on a Wednesday morning, we had a chat before we put Louis down for his first nap of the day together. Initially I was skeptical of sleep training because I didn’t want to leave Louis crying in his room on his own, however the method that Sarah taught me meant that I didn’t have to do this. The first nap took 30 minutes before Louis was sound asleep, the next was shorter and shorter again until soon I could put him down in his cot and he would settle himself! Now if he wakes in the night I know he will settle and go back to sleep.  Louis is more energetic in the day and he generally seems happier and livelier.  My husband and I are getting a full nights’ sleep every night and we both feel a lot less tired. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Sleep Fairies again if I have any issues with my next baby and I’ve already recommended them to several people. I can’t thank Sarah enough for her help!”

Linda from Bedfordshire – August 2019 – 16 month old daughter

I cannot thank Dee enough for the transformation she has made to my life with my 15 month old daughter. I contacted Dee after hitting my wits end one day when I almost had a car accident on yet another 2 hour drive to get my little one to nap. Naps were a constant battle and if they weren’t spent in the car I was pacing around bouncing, rocking or sitting in an armchair as still as possible under a 16kg baby. Having my daughter fall asleep in her crib was an absolute pipe dream. Nights were just as hard, ushering her to sleep in an armchair and needing multiple attempts getting her into her crib and once asleep she would wake during the night for a good 3 hours and the ushering to sleep would start again. I would be lucky to get back to bed by 4am and be up again at 6am. I was almost at breaking point when I contacted Dee and she assured me this situation was fixable and that’s exactly what she did for us. Dee’s method was gentle – to my relief. She designed a brand new routine for us which I just love and works so well with our lives. I am so happy to say that my daughter now sleeps through the night and on the rare occasion she wakes from teething, she now goes back to sleep very quickly after she’s been seen to. For her nap, not only is there only one a day now, I can now place her in her crib and leave the room (what?! yes!!). She wriggles around and takes herself off to sleep when she’s ready and sits happily waiting to be collected when she wakes. She’s so much happier and smiley and content now that she’s not exhausted all the time – we all are, my husband and I. We took a few weeks to recover having had little sleep for so long, but we now feel human again and we cannot thank you enough Dee. Thank you, thank you, you are incredible x

Lynsey & Graham from Berkshire – June 2019 – 1 year old daughter

As our wonderful little girl turned 14 months (and as I approached my 5th month of pregnancy with our second little one on the way!), we had all reached breaking point on our disturbed sleep.

Having never relied too heavily on strict napping or bedtime routines/patterns and still breastfeeding, we kept thinking that life changes would lead to Clara sleeping through. 4 days at nursery, learning to walk, time…none of it made a bit of difference and our nightly reality was 2-4 wake-ups that ended up with Clara in our bed and feeding/suckling like a terror until she fell asleep!

Our Sleep Fairy, came out to see us only 1.5 weeks ago and from that very day we have had tangible and to be honest, totally unexpected positive results. On our first night of the ‘regime’, Clara spent the whole night in her own room with 4 wakes, each of which she self-settled for. On Day 2, wakes were down to 3. Day 3, down to 2. Day 4, 1. Since then we have a little girl that sleeps the entire night (7pm to 6am) in her own room, self-settling throughout with not even a whimper.

This is a changed home with a happier toddler and decidedly less exhausted parents. While in some ways I miss her little face next to me at night, nothing beats a full night’s sleep followed by seeing her smile in the morning when we get her for cuddles!

I wish we had called the Sleep Fairies sooner, honestly the best money we have spent with regards parenting and we couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you!

Katie from Buckinghamshire – November 2018 – 3 year old daughter

When I phoned Dee, I was desperate for something to help me get my daughter sleeping through the night. It’s fair to say I was sceptical that anything could work, as I felt like I’d tried everything, but the results have been incredible.Our sleep fairy, Sarah, came for a daytime session and was kind, understanding but firm about what we needed to do to. She guided us through a programme for changing Sophie’s daytime behaviours, reassuring us that we’d likely see a change in her night-time behaviour as a result. We saw an immediate difference following the session with Sarah on day 1, and two weeks later she goes to sleep by herself and sleeps for 11-12 hours every night. After 3 years of trying for this, it is no exaggeration to say it has changed our lives. We are all happier and better rested. I can’t recommend Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue enough; it was absolutely worth every penny.

Thank you again for your help and Sarah’s. Sarah has been brilliant. I really wish I’d phoned you 2 years ago!

Charlie from Berkshire – July 2017 – 1 year old daughter

Since we last emailed we have had a few nights of waking but they were only short stints so didn’t disturb us much. However the last 15 nights Aphia has slept through 7pm-7am and both her and her sister seem to have taken to the odd lie in which is great on the weekend (but not that good when we have to wake them for nursery – but we are certainly not complaining!).
So everyone is feeling very relaxed and well rested in our household.
Many thanks for your help. I would certainly recommend you to fellow parents.

Jaimie and 8 year old Codie – May 2017

Codie has been getting on so well at bedtime and we wanted to let you know, so she’s types you an email below:-

“Hi Dee, it’s Codie.

We just wanted to give you an update on my night routine. I find it’s great to get me to sleep. My favourite yawning yoga is bear hug because I can release any achey parts in my body it’s great.

If  I have enough time I will watch TV, read then do the yawning yoga , but if I don’t have enough time I will do TV and then

I will do the yawning yoga.

My routine helps me so much. I haven’t been needing ‘Mummy bear’ for ages. Thank you so much.  from Codie”

A massive thank you from both of us for your support, your sound advice, for ending our 8 year’s of turmoil and giving us back a relaxed bedtime routine. What a legend you are!

With love from Jaimie and Codie xx

Praise for  Sarah Quick  by  Sarah from Wokingham – January 2017 – 5 month old daughter

We’d been struggling with our daughters sleep regression from 4 months old, she’d gone from waking twice a night to 4-6 times.  She’d not ever really napped much but I could deal with this when I wasn’t up much at night and it was what I expected from the early days.  By the time she was 5 1/2 months old I was seriously sleep deprived and getting resentful and moody (not nice for either my daughter or husband).

A friend recommended the Sleep Fairy but it took me a bit of time to book in as I felt like I had failed as a mum and was admitting defeat.  I also didn’t want to put my daughter through controlled crying, but equally I wanted to be a better / happier mum and person.  Sarah was completely understanding and empathetic.   She gave me techniques (that I feel comfortable with) and confidence to help teach our daughter to self settle, as well as the rationale as to why it is important they learn this.  She listened to our situation and left us with an age appropriate routine which our daughter has responded to really well.  The most important element for me was the support Sarah offered after the initial consultation, particularly in the early days when it was challenging to keep going, right through to recently, when I’ve had questions or needed reassurance.

A month on we now have a 7 month old who sleeps through and naps 2-3 times a day.  I feel human again and am a better mum.  It is the best money I have spent, and a happy mum is worth more than all the toys / ‘things’ in the world.  I can not recommend it highly enough.

 Rebecca from Berkshire – February 2017 – 6 month old son

Just wanted to say thanks again for the help you gave us with stopping feeding Zach to sleep. Not having to leave our older son for ages to run amok in the house while I put Zach down for a nap has made my life so much calmer! Zach goes down for sleep now with only a little bit of whinging, and typically sleeps for at least 1.5 hours. At night he generally goes down just before 7, has a dream feed at 10, and will then need feeding again between 5 and 6 before sleeping until 7.30 when I wake him up. He usually stirs in the night and cries out a few times but settles himself. I imagine the 5/6 am feed will naturally move later – I’m just grateful that he will go back to sleep!

Roisin from Berkshire – June 2016 – 13 month old daughter

“We are parents to twin girls – after 13 months of bad sleep (luckily with only one twin!) we sought the help of Dee & Sarah.  After Sarah came to see us, we noticed the results of her work in 24 hours! She then supported us and we fine tuned a few other things and have stayed in touch over the last three weeks with her. I felt our issue was diagnosed very quickly and their advice was given with a huge wealth of experience and confidence. I was very sceptical at first at her plan but was shocked to see the steps were very practical and easy to implement. I felt we were a little lost to night time discipline & would advise any parent struggling at night time to seek their support now! Thank you so much Sarah – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Aimee from Berkshire – April 2016 – 10 month old daughter (who was a particularly tricky customer!!!)

I wanted to let you know that Elsie has been sleeping through consistently for over 3 weeks now and I’ve even watched her wake up on the monitor, look around and then lie back down. She’s also napping well in the day at home, for my mum and at nursery.

I hope things go well with the birth of your little one and that he’s a good sleeper for you!

Thank you for your help and support!

Katherine from Oxfordshire – April 2016 – 9 month old son

“Such a massive change in Frank! He had giggles at bedtime last night! He no longer cries when I put him to bed, or at nap time. He just rolls around for a few minutes and then goes to sleep. I can’t believe it!”

James from Bedfordshire  – March 2016 – 3 year old tricky daughter

“Just so you know, things are going great with Isabelle. She has transformed her tantrums and now listens to us and does what is asked. Life is much easier now and I wish we brought you in months ago!

The eating has improved too using the technique. She went from eating small odd bits of food or just pasta to having normal portions at mealtimes eating what we have.

Thanks for your help! Amazing!”

Helen from Devon – November 2015 – 5 month old twins

“Just wanted to drop you a little note to say a HUGE thank you.  I can’t believe what a difference there is in our home, less than a month on from our first conversation.

Both boys are sleeping through the night in their nursery, they go into their cots awake at just after 7pm and other than the odd grumble in the night we don’t hear from them again until 6.30-7am in the morning!!

Both boys have 3-4 naps each day in their cots, with little objection.  Noah hasn’t had his dummy in over a week.  Noah loves real food and wolfs it down, Oli is a little slower off the mark but he’s getting there.  They only have 4 milk feeds a day now instead of the 8 they were having when we first spoke.

I get to shower every day, I’ve had time to write my Christmas cards and am generally more relaxed and happier and have noticed the boys seem happier too.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and especially your support and words of encouragement, I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Sammy from Berkshire – October 2015 – 7 month old baby

I just wanted to write to tell you that Mia is settled into a great routine, she puts herself to sleep and she finally sleeps for 1.5 hrs morning and afternoon and 11-12 hrs at night!! Bingo! Thanks for all your help :-))))
Sammy X

Marianne from Berkshire – April 2015 – 5 month old twins

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the help and support you gave me earlier this year. I’m glad to say (touching all the wood I can see) that I’ve got two wonderful little sleepers and two happy boys (and parents as a result). We have the odd blip here and there but I’m much more confident about what I’m doing so it doesn’t cause me the issues that it used to. I’m sorry for taking so long to write I’m not sure where the time seems to go. I’ve also been a bit worried that once I say how well we’re doing it will all go to custard!”

D&M over Skype outside the UK, June 2015

If there existed a better word to express our gratitude for the work you do we would use it, but since there is none, we’re just going to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for helping us help our little boy sleep and turning us into normal functioning parents again.

Thank you for being able to do over Skype what so many books and well-meant advice didn’t manage to do.  Thank you for listening instead of preaching and creating an action plan that we were comfortable with instead of trying to push a one-size-fits-all approach down our throats.  You were so easy to open up to and we still can’t believe how quickly our son reacted to the new schedule and started sleeping through the night.  He is now a happy little camper who goes to his floor bed willingly, points to the book shelf and waits for the story to finish, comes and steals a few hugs, kisses and cuddles and then points to the mattress and asks to go to sleep!  No more endless breastfeeding, no more crying, no more interrupted sleep. Dinner, bath, story, bed.  Simple as that!  If he does wake up, he calls for us but then quickly goes back to sleep again.  Nap time used to be something we were trying to avoid at any cost and is now relaxing and fun and we actually catch ourselves wanting to wake him up because the house is too quiet and we are no longer two zombies using every opportunity to get some rest.  Our little man is now one happy toddler with super happy and relaxed parents, so THANK YOU for doing what you do!

Amanda from Berkshire, May 2015

I just wanted to give you a little update. Isaac is doing really well, we have a two hour sleep late morning now, and a child who sleeps through the night!!! Thank you so much for your help, we are a much happier family.
I have pasted  your details onto quite a few other people, whether they are ready to tackle their problem who knows……
Many thank again,
Amanda x

Sarah from Buckinghamshire, April 2015

“I cant believe its been a year since we saw you but I can honestly say we have not looked back! Sam still sleeps like a dream and Josh is now sleeping through beautifully (took a bit longer but we knew that!). They are healthy, happy and well rested boys and Jon and I are still basking in the happy glow of a full nights sleep!

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I cant believe how bad things were a year ago, it just doesn’t seem real. You literally saved us from sleep deprived insanity and we cant thank you enough.”

Donna from Berkshire, March 2015

“I know my partner called you today but I wanted to follow that up with an email to say a massive THANK YOU!!! My gorgeous son is sleeping like an angel 🙂 night 4 he woke once but settled himself straight back, night 5 he slept for 11 straight hours and night 6 he went down for 12 hours and I had to WAKE HIM UP!!!! Amazing!!!! The dummy is ditched, he is in his own bed in his own room and he sleeps beautifully at nursery too. His moods are fantastic and he is like a different child. Thank you so much for all  your advise, it truly does work!! A small amount of pain for one whopper of a gain!!!

Thanks again Dee, I was really skeptical because we had suffered  for so long but it was honestly the best thing I have done, I just wish I had done it sooner. We are proof it works and we have no problem with sharing that!”

Tiffany from Berkshire, August 2014

Just thought you’d like to know that Sam has just gone through from 7-7 for the third consecutive night and continues to nap consistently! Yippee!He can now settle for the night without any crying from wide awake, and he can resettle if he wakes during the night or early morning. Naps, he still grumbles a bit but not much – he goes down in his cot and stays there if we’re at home, but he’s fine in the car or pram if we’re out – and he can pretty much be counted on for two short naps (30-45) around 9 and 4 and one long one from about 12:20 – 2.Thank you so much for all your support and advice – it’s been so helpful to feel I’m not doing it all on my own.Attached is a photo of my gorgeous cheeky boy. Hasn’t he grown!”

Gemma via Skype, May 2014

“Just wanted to say a thank you for your help, Stan’s nighttime routine is really good. He doesn’t like to sleep in the day much unless he’s at home as gets too excited but he sleeps through every night apart from the odd groan so who cares! Amazing to get my sleep back. Big thank you from the Wallis household.”

Emma from Amersham, December 2013

I remember emailing Dee after a particularly difficult day with my little boy who at four months was feeding on and off all day and night, not settling himself ever and wouldn’t nap without me wheeling him around town in his pram.  It was all feeling a bit out of control and I couldn’t see any way of making it better, the books I looked to for advice made opposite suggestions!

It was a massive relief to talk to Dee on the phone and to know with her help we could make it better and help our gorgeous Theo. When she visited us to talk through our new feeding and sleep routine I began to feel much more confident about what we needed to do.  Dee’s continued support and sage advice meant that within the first couple of weeks Theo was self settling, napping in the day in his cot and we had his feeding under control too. Amazing! Friend and family couldn’t believe how much happier our little boy was after proper sleep and we can’t thank Dee enough.

Helen from Berkshire, June 2013

Thought I’d send you this photo and let you know Ben is doing really well with his naps. Not had any crying for a week now and he’s sleeping for longer each nap. I just had to go in to wake him up as it was so late I thought he wouldn’t sleep at bedtime… he was sound asleep and looked so peaceful. I never thought I’d get to the stage of having to wake him up!!!
Thanks, your help has really made a huge difference to us all.

Philada from London, January 2013

We were postponing taking away Justin’s dummy as we fooled ourselves into thinking that it would be cruel as he loved it so much.  Then Dee came to visit with her large bucket of dummies and announced that it was going THAT DAY!  We were terrified!  Then stunned at how pain-free it was.  A couple of nights of slightly broken sleep, then absolutely fine.  We took some photos of Justin putting his dummies into the bucket and we looked at those photos each night for the next few days, so he remembered that he was a big boy now and that he didn’t need a dummy any more.  After a couple of weeks, if we found a stray dummy round the house, he would bring it to me and announce that it should go to the babies!

Vicky from Surrey, March 2013

Millie is now consistently sleeping through the night. Even in the last 3 days when she has been full of cold she has gone down at 7pm and we don’t hear a peep from her! Her naps are great too. She is so easy – she doesn’t even cry when we put her down now. Amazing!! Unfortunately she is still waking between 6am and 6.30 but that’s the time my husband and I are up for work anyway so we can cope with that.

I have also managed to get her onto the bottle in the past week. Apart from her early morning feed, she is now completely bottle fed. The new routine definitely helped with that. Thank you so much for all your help. I have been recommending you to everyone!

Amy from Buckinghamshire, December 2011

I didn’t really have any issues, (apart from wondering why it doesn’t always work how the baby books say it does) but met with Dee when Finn was 6 weeks old. She liberated me from almost constant feeding sessions, held my hand while I let him cry [briefly] and helped to give me the confidence to relax and enjoy being a mum rather than second guessing everything I did. She’s also at the end of the phone or email if I have any queries now, which is great and totally worth it!

Laura from Berkshire, December 2012

Well……I have been wanting to email you but have been thinking I might jinx myself by doing so and it’s all been a bit of luck….obviously it isn’t, and I wanted to say thank you so much!  He has taken to the routine amazingly!  We decided to continue with the ‘new’ routine the night of new years eve as you recommended, and went to sleep after 20 mins crying, me going in a couple of times to let him know I was there.  The following nights, he went down with 10 mins crying, then 5, then 2 and tonight 1 minute – FABULOUS and he’s been napping in his cot in the day with only minimal crying before going off for about 1.5 hours.  It’s just amazing how much you can get done in that time, I’m so grateful – thank you.  Only wish we’d have got in touch with you earlier!

Bav from Berkshire, September 2012

Well, what can I say – it worked a treat!!! Just those few changes you recommended has meant we now have a much happy little girlie when she gets out of the bath. She is now falling asleep on her own and when she has woken up in the night (no more milk!!!) is managing to get herself to sleep again.

Thank you so much for your advice. We had been wanting to make the changes for a while but just weren’t sure how. You have really helped us do it quickly and easily. Will definitely be recommending you to me friends.

Hannah from Berkshire, September 2012

‘Sleep  Fairy’ is the perfect name for Dee. The very same night after Dee had visited us, our 1.5yr old daughter started sleeping through the night, something she had not done for 6 months. Amazing is the word I would use, we started to feel like human beings again after the endless interrupted nights of sleep we had had. Dee intuitively picks up on where you can improve and very precisely explains how you can achieve your goal, by giving you the tools you need for the future. If you are reading this because you feel you just MIGHT need help, my advice is to definitely book an appointment with Dee, my only regret was not doing it sooner, she is wonderful now.

Aalia from Berkshire, July 2012

Thank you so much for all your help. Thanks to you, after 7 months of waking up 7or 8 times a night, I now sleep soundly. Feeling rosy faced and refreshed, you have transformed both my life and my baby’s. Annam, now 9 months, is so much happier now that she sleeps for an 11 hour stretch. She now knows how to self soothe and settle herself back to sleep. She eats more, no longer requires the breast to fall asleep, has fewer but longer milk feeds (which frees up my day) and in general is a much happier baby. I can even leave her to play on her own while I get on with jobs around the house and this is all thanks to the techniques you taught me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you really are a sleep fairy, having waved your wand, you changed my life forever! 🙂

Sarah from Berkshire, May 2012

“Thank you so much. Last night Sam slept for 11 hours! I can’t believe it.  She hardly cries when we put her down now, and if she does stir in the night, manages to self settle within a couple of minutes.  Thank you so much for making us understand her “baby tantrum”. Amazing. Especially as we now have teeth as well!”

Carolina from Oxfordshire, April 2012

Isabel sleeps very well now. It takes her only 5 minutes to fall asleep and she hardly cries during the night. I can’t believe how quickly she has learnt to sleep, no more getting up at nights! Amazing!

Rebecca from Buckinghamshire, March 2012

Dee has given me the knowledge and confidence to deal with Ruby’s eating and sleeping in a way that suits us and that is effective. Having had her total support, and knowing she is always there to support us or call upon is a great comfort.  Ruby has now been sleeping in her own room, in her own bed for a month and it is all thanks to Dee’s invaluable advise, know how, experience and kind support! It is the best thing I’ve done since having Ruby and I now, for the first time, feel in control and comfortable with being a mum. I have great pleasure in putting Ruby to bed and she loves it now too!!!!!! Can’t thank you or recommend you enough Dee – The Sleep Fairy!!!!

Vicky from London, February 2012

Thank you for your help and advice with Theo. He is so much happier (and so am I!) He is sleeping well at night now – 7 until 7.30ish with his 10.30 pm dream feed. He still wakes sometimes due to teeth etc but now I feel more confident that there is actually something bothering him rather than just unable to settle himself. He’s napping in the day and eating more now so things are going really well.

Many thanks from me and Theo!

Abigail from Oxfordshire, July 2011

Hi Dee, have been meaning to email for a while now just to let you know that Wilf is now sleeping brilliantly! At night, I can put him in his cot wide awake and he will settle himself to sleep with rarely any fuss and generally he’s now having 2 naps in the day when he’ll go to sleep with only a few minutes of fussing. Thank you very much for your help. I feel so much better as I’m actually getting some sleep at night, and he is so much happier as he’s obviously having the right amount of sleep! Thank you!

Claire from Berkshire, June 2011

After 5 1/2 months, George had still not slept through the night and we’d had continued battles to get him to nap in the day. My husband and I were exhausted and struggling to see how we would ever be able to recharge the batteries!! After numerous conversations with other mums from my antenatal group, a friend told me she had seen an advert for the Sleep Fairy. I thought it was worth a go so contacted Dee and outlined my challenges. Dee was very friendly and after a 3 hour consultation at my home, she was able to give me some great advice and guidance plus a routine tailored for George. I followed the plan and had my first full night’s sleep that week!! I can’t believe its only been 3 weeks since we put the routine in place as it now feels like the “norm”. We’ve inevitable had bumps along the road but I can honestly say it’s been amazing. Thanks Dee!

Avery from Oxfordshire, February 2011

Thank you so much for your help with Felix and Didi! Felix was 100% happy without his dummy. No requests for it. No tears. Nothing. Amazing! HE NOW EATS SOLID FOOD TOO!!! He eats absolutely ANYTHING. It was easy because I relaxed and I was happy in what he was doing. He seems very happy that he is now like his friends. He talks about how he is a big boy and he’s going to grow big and strong and how eats his food by himself. It is so so amazing to see. Didi now naps happily every day and goes down very easily now that we have our little routine. And putting her to bed is even easier than before!!!

Thanks again for all your help! 🙂

Suzy from Buckinghamshire, November 2010

I thought it would be easy to get my second daughter into a good routine but at seven months she was still waking all through the night. I felt like I had tried everything, yet was too tired to think straight and could not see any way to solve the problem. With one consultation and a few phone calls, Dee easily and sensitively provided me with the clarity of mind and reassurance I needed to sort out the problem. I wished I had called her sooner!

Alix from Buckinghamshire, April 2010

After 9 months of sleep deprivation and things going from bad to worse, I finally decided enough was enough and called in Dee Booth (aka “the Sleep Fairy”) for help. Just 2 weeks have passed since she visited, but I am already a new woman as my son has slept like a baby (!) all night, for the last week or so! Thanks Dee!

Nine months on: “No more sleepless night here!”

Delyth from Buckinghamshire, March 2010

I have been rescued by the Sleep Fairy!

My seven month old was waking every two hours through the night, and would not nap during the day.I was getting desperate, until I heard about the sleep fairy! Dee came to us, and worked out a new routine. Since her visit my son started to sleep through almost immediately, and began napping in his cot during the day I could then start to enjoy my son and feel human again.

Claire from London, February 2009

Sleep Fairy, and Guardian Angel, she saved my life and my sanity!
When I contacted the Sleep Fairy I really was at my wits end. My daughter was ten months old and just wouldn’t sleep more than 40 minutes during the day, always woke at least twice in the night and screamed when I put her down. I felt as if I was failing her and also that I was loosing my mind through lack of sleep. Dee was so understanding, reassuring me that the situation wasn’t unusual and that with abit of determination and courage we could “crack” the problem! Sure enough having followed the plan that we agreed together, I managed to get Ava sleeping through the night within 3 days! There are no words to describe my delight and relief!

Ava now 18 months wakes occasionally in the night but now I am so much more confident there is no messing about and Ava is fast asleep again before we know it. She also now sleeps normally two hours in the day and even tells me when she’s tired! Sleep Fairy you are a miracle worker THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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