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Sleeping Baby
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It’s not easy being a parent and it can be incredibly tough if you’re dealing with behaviour issues. From temper tantrums to kicking and biting, from not listening - to problems at school, we can help you with a plan to effectively manage challenging behaviour.

Reduce stress. Regain control.

You will gain the confidence to tackle behaviour and also build a more secure attachment with your child. We’ve supported thousands of parents find positive ways to deal with negative behaviour and develop stronger relationships with their little one.


Follow our action plan

Part of our package includes a visit to your home so we can get to know your family and observe the challenging behaviour. While we are there, we quickly start to direct you on how to defuse issues and give you different strategies. We look at all elements of family life so that we can get to the root of the problems and give you support and guidance that you can use over the long term.

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