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Our Story

Always supporting. Never judging.

Sleep Fairy and parent rescue was founded in 2009. We are a small, highly trained team of parenting coaches that believes parents can understand their child's needs by listening to them and responding to them in a nurturing way. Our methods have been developed through practical experience, study and research.


Making it all better for 25 years

We listen, understand and support you to make changes and adjustments that bring your family back together and ease the stresses and strains that come with lack of sleep and challenging behaviour.


Your journey with us is all about practical advice, a simple plan and plenty of support. We use our own responsive techniques developed through years of study and experience.


It’s not fairy magic - although many of our clients swear it is when they wake from an unbroken block of sleep or make it through a day without a tantrum!

Meet Dee

“I really feel that helping families get some sleep and supporting them to get life back on track is my calling, it’s what I was put on this earth to do!”

The original Sleep Fairy, Dee, founded the business 13 years ago. She has an incredibly deep understanding of the issues around sleep and behaviour, developed over 25 years’ first-hand experience and extensive study. Her approach is centered on nurturing and caring. Having worked as a nanny for 12 years, she then researched and studied children's sleep problems and behaviour before starting Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue.


Dee understands first-hand just how hard it can be when your baby has a difficult start to life. Her first child was a prem baby who nearly died. This experience gives Dee an even deeper understanding and empathy for mums who have had a tough time with their little ones

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Meet Sarah

“I am patient and listen carefully. I understand your emotional needs as well as your baby’s.”

Sarah has worked as a Sleep Fairy since 2015 and has a background in childcare and training. She also has experience and qualifications in PND (post-natal depression) and offers specialist support to mums with newborns.

Sarah has known Dee since 2006, and as a trusted friend, Dee knew that Sarah would be able to provide families with the gentle guidance and support needed of a Sleep Fairy.


As well as being a Sleep Fairy, Sarah also works as a life coach and mindfulness practitioner.

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Specialist help

We also have experience supporting parents facing additional challenges, including ASD (autism), ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and developmental delay. We understand the extra struggles and offer tailored plans that match your unique circumstances.


Dee’s eldest child has a diagnosis of ADHD and the youngest is ASD, which gives Dee extra insight and a personal understanding of the challenges you face as a parent of a child with additional needs.


If you’re looking for instant advice and tips, take a look at our online help centre. It includes articles, guidance and pearls of wisdom on all kinds of parenting problems.

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