About Sleep Fairy & Parent Rescue

Practical advice for sleep, eating and behaviour issues in babies, toddlers and children up to 11 years old.

When your little one is keeping you awake at night or testing your patience, you need practical advice, a  SIMPLE plan to follow and PLENTY of support. You don't need to turn your life upside down or compromise your parenting beliefs, and we won't make you leave your child to cry it out alone.

Being a parent is HARD WORK! Kids are tricky.


When you're knackered and feeling overwhelmed, it's hard to work out what to do, especially when you're surrounded by conflicting advice from friends and the internet. This is why parents like you turn to us for help.


“Such a massive change in Frank! He had giggles at bedtime last night! He no longer cries when I put him to bed, or at nap time. He just rolls around for a few minutes and then goes to sleep. I can’t believe it!”


Katherine and 9 month old Frank

Dee Booth

Dee, who created Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue in 2009, worked as a nanny for 14 years then researched and studied children's sleep problems and behaviour before offering advice and support to struggling parents.

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Sarah Quick

Sarah has worked as a Sleep Fairy since 2015 and has a background in childcare and training. She also has experience and qualifications in PND support, an area many of our clients need additional help with.

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A Brief History of The Sleep Fairy

Dee started working as “The Sleep Fairy” in 2009, having worked with children since 1994. Her team of highly experienced and trained “Sleep Fairies” practice Dee’s tried and tested techniques to help you and your child overcome:

  • Sleeping problems – night-time waking, difficulties settling to sleep, resettling through the night, early rising

  • Crying – colic, babies who won’t stop crying, self-soothing trouble, ditching the dummy, letting go of comforters, separation anxiety, "COVID baby syndrome" or "lockdown baby syndrome"

  • Food – fussy eating, feeding issues, weaning problems

  • Behaviour – tantrums, terrible twos, constant negotiations, toddler taming

  • Toilet training

  • Allergies and intolerances

  • ASD (autism), ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and developmental delay - tackling parenting struggles when there are additional challenges

  • Introduction of a floor bed (Montessori style sleeping) – a very gentle approach to sleep training! Ideal for those mums who won’t leave their baby to cry