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Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby


Does your baby only sleep in your arms? Do they wake every one or two hours in the night? Are nap times a nightmare? Does your toddler still not sleep through? Whatever sleep issue you’re suffering facing we can help you sort them with compassion and care.

More sleep. Less stress.

You don’t realise how much you take sleep for granted until you stop getting it. Sleep deprivation can be crippling, it gives you the driving responses of a drunk driver. When you’re tired, you’re more emotional, grumpier, tearful and much more likely to lose your temper. Lack of sleep fogs your brain and makes it impossible to make even the simplest decision. 


Results that last

With our support, you will sleep again. Many of our families see improvements in days. We develop a bespoke plan for your family, which considers your little one’s physical and emotional needs, as well as yours. We will never tell you to leave your baby to cry, use cry it out (CIO), or ask you to compromise your parenting beliefs.


Our methods are based on developing a secure attachment between you and your child and helping your little one learn how to calm themselves so they can fall asleep. Following our plans brings long-lasting improvements to sleep and behaviour.


Gentle sleep training

We often use the ‘floor bed’ or ‘Montessori Sleeping’ method as a very gentle way to start sleep training. It allows you to stay very close by and be responsive to your little one on the first steps of your sleep journey. Being in the room and then gradually easing away makes your child feel more secure and maintains a strong bond.


The ‘floor bed’ is an interim measure to tackle the sleeping issues. Once your child is sleeping, you can go back to a cot or keep the floor bed – it’s your choice.

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