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How Much Does a Sleep Consultant Cost?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

What you pay for a sleep consultant could depend on what kind of service they offer, where they are based, whether they come to see you in your home and what level of experience and expertise they have. It could also depend on how long your session with them lasts and the amount of support you will receive after your initial online or face-to-face meeting. However, as you can see from the table below, pricing can be totally random!

Most sleep consultants only offer online consultations with 2-4 weeks support after the session. All sleep consultants listed below offer analysis of your baby's current routine and sleep as well as a step-by-step plan to follow. Some of these, and many others, also offer an initial "free 15 minute call". Most can be booked online.

The table below shows examples of consultations offer by 7 different sleep consultants. Most have higher and lower priced options that can be found on their websites.



In Person /Online

Length of Session

Level of Support


Nursery nurse and nanny

Phone consultation

Not specified

2 support calls plus14 days WhatsApp


Phone consultation

Not specified

Unlimited support calls plus 28 days WhatsApp


Parents and qualified sleep consultants. One with a psychology degree.

Video consultation

1 hour

Unlimited phone, text, email


Mums and Level 5 OCN sleep practitioner



3 days WhatsApp


In your home

90 minutes

5 days WhatsApp

£400 + travel

20+ years experience working with children. OCN level 5/6 in sleep training

In your home

45 minute call and 3 hours at bedtime

10 days of emails + a 20 minute call


Phone and online

60 minute call + 3 hour online at bedtime

10 days of emails + a 20 minute call


Lawyer then OCN level 5 Holistic Sleep Course after employing a sleep consultant


90 minute call

6 support calls and ongoing support via dedicated client support group

£435 (£635 includes additional phone and email support for 12 months)

Nanny, night nanny, OCN level 6 Holistic Sleep Practitioner and much more.


1.5 hour call

1 month phone and text support


Pharmacist and OCN level 6 Holistic Sleep Practitioner


60-90 minute

1 month WhatsApp and weekly calls


At Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue, we try to see you in your home and spend a minimum of 3 hours with you, but often up to 5 hours. All our sessions come with 8 weeks support by phone and WhatsApp. Prices start from £375 plus travel, but we offer discounted prices for families on low incomes.

If we can't get to you, our online sessions last a minimum of 2.5 hours, include 8 weeks support and prices start from £275. We also offer a one hour Baby Basics Package for £135.

More information can be found here.

If you're struggling to work out which type of sleep consultant is right for you, check out our Is a Sleep Consultant Worth it blog.

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