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Fun Games to Play at Your Baby Shower

Several years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, Baby Showers were pretty much unheard of in the UK. Now they seem to be standard practice, and I’m feeling quite jealous, as I think I missed out on a lot of fun!

Here are some ideas compiled by local mums of games to play at a baby shower:

*two people against each other to see who could drink apple juice out of a babies bottle fastest

*guess the contents of the nappy – the following smeared onto nappies for guests to identify – peanut butter, mars bar, marmite, bovril, chocolate spread, any ideas of your own!

*who could melt a toy dummy out of an ice-cube first – said ice cubes were handed out in plastic cups and you could melt them any way you liked, except putting it in your mouth

*everybody who arrives is given a dummy on a string to put around their neck, guests are told that there are certain words they are not allowed to say eg pregnant, baby etc. If someone hears someone else use one of these words, they challenge that person and win their dummy, (or one dummy if they have acquired more), from that person. At the end of the evening, the person who has collected the most dummies wins a prize

*who can peg the most clothes on a line,  held by two guests, whilst holding onto a baby doll and pretending to take a call on a real phone, in one minute

*guess the circumference of the bump – use a piece of string to measure the size of bump going across mum’s back and round to front at belly button level, asks guests to guess the length of the string and whoever gets the closest wins a prize

It’s almost worth walking around with a pillow up my jumper just so I can pull together all my friends to play these fab games!

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