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A Bit of Pure Genius for Nappy-Free Play Time!

Before you read any further, yes, I am shamelessly promoting a product, but I’m not being paid to do it and I’ve not received the product in return for this (I don’t need one as my baby is nearly 10 years old!) I’m writing about it because I came across the Messy Moves PVC coated Play Mat by accident and immediately thought that it is a brilliant product that every new mum should have!!!

I was with a client a few weeks ago, and just before she went off to deal with her tantrumming toddler, she pulled out a great big waterproof, padded play-mat for her recently fed baby to lie on. Even though I’ve been in and out of hundreds, if not thousands of babies homes over the years, I have never seen such a brilliant play-mat. Most are brightly coloured, with crackly bits and dangly bits, but they are all made of cotton or cotton-mix fabrics and MANY of them are not washable due to the thin layer of wadding inside them. 


But this mat has a thick layer of foam inside and is totally washable! So if you decide to put a naked baby on it, you can easily wipe up the wee that is likely to appear on it. If you have a particularly sicky baby, you can wipe the mat clean and you won’t be left with that delicate scent of baby sick. You can take it into the garden, and the dew won’t soak through it. And if your toddler decides to shake their beaker of water all over it, it doesn’t matter! If you do hand and foot painting on it, you can wipe away all of the messy paint!

These play mats are comfortable, practical, washable, beautifully made, by hand, here in Henley-on-Thames and brightly coloured without being offensive. And if you don’t want one of the prints on the website, you can request a different print which Messy Moves owner, Jo Cunningham, will do her very best to source for you!

This play mat does cost a little more than some brighter, less practical ones, but it is worth every penny and it will last you for years – you can use it for picnics, Play Doh, painting and lots more as your baby turns into a toddler and then a preschooler, and maybe on from there…

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