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Sleep Fairy Services

Exhausted and frustrated?
You and your baby could be sleeping through the night again soon…
Fed up battling with kids who rule the roost?
You can regain control and feel confident about raising your children…

What type of help do you need?

Call us if you don't see what you need help with as we can do much more than we can fit on this website!

  • We always look at your child's routine, diet, feeding, emotions, attachment.

  • We always write an easy-to-follow plan.

  • We always support you after your session.

Sleep Consultations

  • 3 or 4 hour home visits.

  • 2 or 3 hour online sessions.

  • Session length depends on the age of your child, whether they can be "put down awake" and how you're feeling emotionally.

  • We will supervise you using our techniques to put your baby down to sleep.

  • The longer session is better when wanting a very gentle approach.

  • The extra hour gives you time to discuss how you're feeling about your role as a parent.

  • Includes 8 weeks follow-up support.

little boy sleeping

Behaviour Coaching

  • 4 hour home visits.

  • 3 hour online sessions.

  • Looking at diet, routine, emotions, bond with parents.

  • Helping with tantrums, defiant or difficult behaviour, clinginess, separation anxiety, biting and hitting.

  • Don't worry, we've seen it all before. We WON'T judge.

  • Includes 8 weeks follow-up support.

little girl tantrum

Weaning & Fussy Eating Sessions

  • 4 hour home visits.

  • 3 hour online sessions. 

  • Time to observe and guide you through a mealtime.

  • Includes 8 weeks follow-up support.

  • 1 hour sessions are available for general weaning advice.


Dummies & Comforters

  • Ditching a dummy or comforter will help to improve your child's sleep as well as social and emotional development.

  • 1 to 4 hour sessions, depending on how attached your child is to their dummy or comforter and how it is affecting their behaviour or sleep.

  • Call us for a quick chat and we will let you know how long you need.

  • Prices include 8 weeks support.

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