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Sleep Master Sleep Mask = A Good Night’s Sleep

Always in search of ways to help parents struggling with their children’s sleep, I decided to try out a revolutionary Sleep Master Sleep Mask to see if really does keep out more light and noise than other sleep masks. It is a super soft, padded sleep mask that covers the ears and eyes. It’s much thicker and bigger than most eye masks, but the lovely satin material means that it’s cool ( as in temperature) to wear and doesn’t create over-heating. With the velcro fastening, it will fit most adult heads, and it’s easy to put on and take off, but stays in place while you sleep. It is even supplied with foam ear plugs to help dull out unnecessary noise.

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So last night, I snuck off to bed early, leaving the curtains and windows open so that by morning I would usually expect to be woken by the sun streaming in and the crows on the roof-tops driving me insane! Falling asleep, I wasn’t bothered by the huge crazy family next door making the most of the summer evening, and to my surprise, I was woken up by a small person tapping me on the shoulder, begging me to get up! At 9.15!!! I didn’t even hear her getting up and playing with her Barbies!

For me, the Sleep Master Sleep Mask is brilliant! All the usual sounds that pull me out of sleep, went unnoticed. I love to sleep in a dark room and I’m usually awake at dawn if there is any light creeping in under the black-out blinds, but not this morning. And because this sleep mask wraps right round my head, there was no light getting in around the edges, as there would be with my usual sleep mask that I take with me if I go away for a night.

For my clients, or families who have babies disturbing their nights, this would be great, as one parent can wear it so they can have a good night’s sleep while the other one gets up to tend to the baby. They can then swap over in the morning so the parent on night shift can slip on the sleep mask and catch up on a bit more sleep. Or it can be pulled out on the occasions when mum is still night-feeding and dad has a big meeting/presentation/interview the next day, and needs a good night sleep in preparation. It’s definitely better than a night in the spare room or on the sofa!

Available on Amazon, this is a great companion for anybody whose sleep is disturbed by light or noise!

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