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Exercise While Your Baby Sleeps?

This may sound insane, but once you have got past the need to sleep while your baby sleeps (which is essential in the early months), put the household chores aside and take a little time for yourself. This might seem impossible, especially if your thoughts of exercise are all about going out to classes and the gym, as these mean making a regular commitment which isn’t always easy with a baby in your life.

There is something else on offer that is free, can be done whenever you feel like it, taken at your own pace, can take as little as 5 minutes and all you need is your laptop and a bit of space on the carpet – POP PILATES with Cassey Ho! Check it out on youtube. You will find 200+ workout clips lasting between 5 minutes and an hour that are targeted at different areas of the body – so if you want, you can just work on your calves or your muffin top. It is ideal for when you have a limited amount of time but you want to do something to get you started again.One of my clients (thank you Amanda) suggested it to me and I have been using it for ages and have suggested it to many of my clients who love it too!

Here are two workouts that have been personally recommended to me by Cassey Ho, that are great for new mums:

POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout:

POP PIlates for Beginners – Ab Time!

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