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Coffee Morning on Friday 8th November in Henley-on-Thames

Dee Booth of Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue and Sue Turner of Candela Clinical Hypnosis have come together to offer new and newish mothers some insight as to how to ensure that they and their children get a good night’s sleep, have the right routines, can be more relaxed and feel more focused and in control of their parenting skills and their own lives.

Please join us for coffee and pastries


Magoos, Hart Street, Henley


Friday 8th November



This is a free meeting (apart from drinks/snacks) and babies are most welcome to join us – heated floor with foam matting for their comfort!

RSVP so we can gauge numbers please –  or 07977 462252

Dee Booth works with families all over the world, teaching them how to let their children learn to sleep, as well as offering advice about weaning, eating and difficult behaviour. She uses a variety of techniques depending on the individual needs and preferences of the family, taking things as gently as the parents require, and without the use of controlled crying.

As a mother (who’s baby was born prematurely and critically ill), as well as a parent coach, Dee understands the emotional difficulties that can arise through the first years of motherhood. She offers support to her clients to help them through the difficult times, so that they are soon enjoying the pleasures of parenting. She helps build routines for babies so that mothers and fathers can start to enjoy each other’s time as well as time with their baby.

Sue Turner is a well-qualified and highly experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with a wide range of personal and family issues in Henley and Harley Street.

She sees many woman, who although are delighted by the joys of Motherhood, also find they have lost something of themselves. Perhaps, they have given up busy satisfying and demanding jobs or full social lives and now they find themselves a bit dragged down by lack of quality sleep and focus.

Sue teaches a powerful combination of goal setting and self-affirmation to help women manage their lives, their family and their work with a sense of optimism and well-being.

Sue also works with older children helping them overcome insomnia and night fears.

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