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Bedtime While You’re Away

Try to take as much of your baby’s cot contents with you as possible. Take the sheets that have been in the cot for a couple of days so they smell of your baby. Take the music box, nightlight and a soft toy or blanket that is familiar to her.

As soon as you get to your location, set up your baby’s bed and bedroom so that is comfortable and homely. Spend as much time as you can in the bedroom with your baby before it is time to go to bed. Play games in there, and let her play in her cot when she is happy and wide awake. This way, by bedtime, the bedroom is a familiar, happy place and your baby will feel safe when you leave her in there.

Maintain as much of your usual bedtime routine as you can (at least for the first night). Walk with your baby between her bedroom and the living room or your bedroom so that she gets a feeling of where you will be when she is in bed.

When you finally put your baby to bed, make sure you go back to give several reassuring visits before you leave her to calm and settle herself down.

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