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Recommended Products for Sleep

There are thousands, if not millions of products on the market that promise to help improve your baby's sleeping. Here are a few that will be beneficial as part of a healthy, safe and sensible sleep routine:

White Noise Machines

The Easy Sleep Sound Machine

25 noise settings.

A variety of time settings including constant!

The Lumi White Noise Machine

24 sounds

A variety of time settings including constant.

Also has a variety of coloured lights.

The Mom Cozy White Noise Machine

34 sounds.

7 colour setting.

And can be controlled by an app on your phone.

Sleeping Bags

The Winter One

Organic cotton with removable sleeves.

In sizes birth to 4 years.

Comes in a variety of prints.

3.5 togs

The Autumn One

Bamboo-rich and sleeveless.

No shoulder popper - this is a better option for when they start standing up as the shoulder poppers can open and the bag will come off.

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