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The Sleep Fairy Is Back (and so happy to be back!)

This time last year I was being told by my consultant in the maternity department at Royal Berks to cut right back on my work as there was a chance that my second baby would arrive early, like my first did. Reluctantly, I handed over most of my

Sleep Fairy work to the more than capable Sarah and Liz, who have been doing working their Sleep Fairy magic and will continue to do so! I started to relax and think about the huge changes that were about to take place in our home.

Thankfully Luca arrived 2 days early rather than 2 months early, is now 10 months old, and I feel totally ready to bring a bit more work back into my life. As many of my clients may know, I have been on hand to help some families, but over the last few weeks I have been doing home consultations locally, and loving it!

As most mums know, the thought of going back to work after maternity leave is a little daunting, but thankfully the families I have seen so far have been particularly lovely, making the transition back easier. I am also lucky enough to have a husband who is happy to stay at home with Luca while I work, but as much as I enjoy working again, the best part of my day is when I get home to my dribbly little boy, with his cuddles full of unconditional love!

From a work perspective, having another baby has been really beneficial (I can’t actually believe that I’m even thinking about my baby from a work perspective, let alone putting it in writing) as it has meant that I have been able to put all of my sleep training and weaning methods into practice over the last 6 months. I have also been able to work my way through an array of “bad habits” that have needed to be broken.

For example, having intended to not have my baby sleeping in my bed, I did occasionally. Having intended not to feed to sleep, I did more often than not for the first 5 months. Having planned to mixed-feed, I didn’t because my baby has CMPI and I couldn’t find a formula that I wanted to give to him. All of these experiences have helped to remind me what the mums we meet are going through, and they have brought back some of the intense emotions that go along with sleep deprivation. But now, 2 months away from his first birthday, I have a baby who more often than not, sleeps through the night and has done for a couple of months or so.

I followed my Easy-Going Weaning guide, and currently have a baby who seems to love most food, most of the time. I am sure that he will go through the usual regression where he will probably hate everything I try to feed him unless it’s beige, but I will deal with that when it happens.

I have also battled through the difficulties of breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie, and dealt with the emotional pain of watching him have it cut.

So, The Sleep Fairy is back, armed with fresh personal experience, and raring to get out and help exhausted families find peace and rest again!

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