Parenting Workshops at Sanctum Beaconsfield Starting January 2014

I am running a number of Parenting Workshops at Sanctum Beaconsfield to help parents with specific areas of parenting:

  1. Monday 27th January 2014 – Sleep from birth to 6 months

  2. Monday 3rd February 2014 – Sleep from 6 to12 months

  3. Monday 10th February 2014 – Sleep from 1 to 2 years

  4. Monday 24th February 2014 – Sleep from 2 to 3 years

  5. Monday 3rd March 2014 – Sleep from 3 to 4 years

  6. Monday 10th March 2014 – Weaning

  7. Monday March 17th 2014 – Toddler Taming

The Sleep Workshops will help you to understand the needs of your child and how to respond to them so that you can resolve difficult sleeping patterns. You will learn how to create a routine that caters for your child’s needs whilst taking into consideration the needs of the rest of the family, as well as understanding different techniques for settling, interpreting crying and how to respond to it.

The Weaning Workshop will help you move towards weaning feeling relaxed and prepared. Baby led weaning and pureeing will be discussed, and how they can be combined. You will learn how to build weaning into your baby’s routine so that you get the right balance of milk and solids.

The Toddler Taming Workshop will give you practical tools to use when your toddler is at their most difficult. Sleep and diet will be discussed, as well as the use of praising, rewarding and bribing.

The workshops each cost £35 with a 10% discount for early booking and a further 10% discount for members.

You can book online through:

If possible, please book early for the workshops as there will be a little bit of preparation for you to do in the week leading up to the workshop, to help you get the most out of it. This is minimal, but very helpful!

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