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Baby keeping you up? Toddler driving you crazy?


Stop suffering and stop searching!
Let an experienced behaviour and sleep consultant help you in the comfort of your home or online. We've been helping parents like you since 1994.


Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue, helping parents like you with:


Broken or NO SLEEP!


Rubbish Naps


Spirited Toddlers and Stroppy Kids


Weaning , Fussy Eating and Bottle Rejection


"Lockdown Baby" Syndrome


Allergies, Intolerances, Reflux?


We have extensive experience working with babies and children with diagnosed and undiagnosed allergies, intolerances and reflux.

Around half the little people we see have dairy or other allergies. We help families to live with these, and to get a diagnosis if needed.


We've been helping families in the UK and worldwide since 1994!

"I would have paid double if I'd known how easy it was going to be!"

Sam with 12 month old Lucas

"Before our meeting I was anxious but Dee  guided me gently  as I was very fragile. I felt totally comfortable with everything we did and I really trusted her."

Sarah with 8 month old Elsie

3 Steps to making a change

Briefly tell us what's going on using the form at the bottom of this page

Tell us what you're struggling with and what you want to change.


Have a session with a Sleep Fairy, make a plan and have 8 WEEKS support.

Dee Booth and her family

Meet The Sleep Fairy

Dee Booth started working with children over 25 years ago and started Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue in 2009.

She has helped thousands of babies and children learn to sleep independently, and helped thousands of families with their children's behaviour, using her own responsive techniques developed through years of study and experience.

She has a small, highly trained team of Sleep Fairies working with her and they believe that all parents can understand their child's needs by listening to them, and responding to them in a nurturing way which will make them feel secure, allowing them to sleep soundly through the night. They teach parents to do this!

You won't have to leave your baby crying.

Babies are happier and sleep well, and toddlers have far less tantrums, when they feel secure and are connected to their parents with a strong bond. 

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